My work for 1 week (14.07.2017)
Patrice Claude: structural anarchy. Patrice Claude is returning to his first aesthetic love. Long before he began to paint, the artist was already producing digital art. Today, as he continues to diversify, he once again explores virtual creation and offers works of highly colored structural anarchy. Using software as his tool, he revisits polymorphic aesthetics. Autonomous fragments are generated from spaces at multiple speeds, where line mingles with pointillism and stippling, cross-hatching, and relative placement. These condensed abstracts constitute experiments borne along by a shimmering palette. Their components give us encores in ever-changing spaces, and raise questions about the status of appearance. Indeed it is our relationship to physical matter that the artist expresses on his screen, with a distinctly primal energy that wrests his creations away from their virtuality. Patrice Claude is renewing his artistic discussion in a digital environment where everything is absorbed and recomposed. Here he finds a new way to harness the persistence of the unknown.
French version : Canoline Critiks. Translation : Kiara Jordan L.A.
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